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Service - Sharpening
Sharpening your knife and plate will pay for themselves. Do not allow a knife or plate to develop a rough or uneven surface.
  • One company for all your requirements: All machinery, spare & wear parts, service & maintenance and sharpening services!
  • We sharpen all types, sizes & brands of:
    • Hole plates
    • Pre-cutters
    • Bowlcutter blades
    • Chopper blades
    • Dicer blades
    • Mincer knives & inserts
    • Knives
    • Scissors
    • Bandsaw blades
  • Free pick-up & delivery by Meatpack It!
  • Free quality control of each item by trained staff!
  • Very competitive sharpening prices!
  • All sharpening done on precision machines and by trained staff!
  • We also offer a mobile sharpening service were we come to your site and we will sharpen all you parts on site
How to check if your parts have been sharpened properly:
Before sharpening After sharpening correctly
Hole plates and emulsifier plates
The first thing to check is that the sharpened plate needs to have a mesh shape pattern on the machined surface. This will give you an indication that the surface is 100% flat and that the thickness of the plate is the same throughout the entire surface of the plate. All marks made by the knife needs to be removed.
Mincer knifes
The knife needs to also be machined 100% flat and also needs to be the same thickness throughout the knife area. It is not always possible to see the mesh shaped grinding marks on the knife as the area is mostly too small. You also need to have all marks made on the knife cutting edge removed.
Visual test:
Place the knife and plate on top of each other and hold it to the light. You are not to see any light pass between the machined surface of the knife and the plate. If you are able to see light pass between the knife and plate you will not have a good cutting mincer.
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