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Parts - Formplates and pattie plates

Manufacturing formplates requires a specific knowledge of the machines and the manufacturing process which needs to be followed in order to make a formplate or pattyplate work correctly.

The most important manufacturing challenge is to machine a formplate to the exact tolerance required which would enable the plate to slide in and out of the machine without causing waste or heat build up in the hydraulic system.

If you have waste on the back and front of the hopper you will find that the machining tolerance of the formplate set is too big or the formplate set is worn. This is unhygienic and product that dries on the hydraulic cylinder shafts cut through the seals and causes cylinders to leak.

When the machining tolerance on the formplate set is too small, the plate cannot slide in and out. This will cause the hydraulic system to work harder and subsequently overheat.

We specialize in the manufacturing and upgrading of formplates for Koppens and CFS machines.

This is a list of machines we manufacture formplates for:

  • VM400/30
  • VM400HD
  • VM400HS
  • VM400HSE
  • VM600HD
  • VM600H
  • VM600HS
  • VM600HSE
  • VM900HS
  • VM900HSE
  • VM400TW
  • VM600TW
  • VM600HSE-T
  • VM900HSE-T
  • Easyformer ESF 400
  • Easyformer ESF 600
  • Multiformer MLF 400
  • Multiformer MLF 600
  • Multiformer MLF 900
  • Performer PRF 600
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